Salary sorter increments

I am hoping I haven’t just missed this as I used the salary sorter for the first time today, but is it possible for the salary sorter for under say £20 to be able to do £1 increments?

So I have created a pot to save for the annual subscription for Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney (as it’s cheaper to buy it annually). However I can only put in £10 when in reality the subscriptions break down into £7 or £8 a month. If you over feed the pot by £3 here, £2 there and £3 here. It adds up to an amount that could help towards food shopping for instance.

Is it possible to have this option?

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I think if you tap onto the actual £/$value, rather than using the plus/minus buttons, then you can specify exact amounts?


Oh no! Is it really that easy?! :sob: I guess I shall only be able to tell next month!

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I just ignore Salary Sorter and set up scheduled payments.

So much easier imo as you can also double check them any time you want :+1:

I have Amazon Prime pot at £7pm and Disney pot at £7pm, just like you want to do.


It definitely is, I do it each month!

I have certainly been caught out by this in years past somewhere else in monzo though. Idk what it is, something makes it look non-tappable.

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Ahh well I’m glad it’s not just me. I definitely didn’t realise it was tappable. I guess.most places would give a +/- or leave it to be tappable to put in whatever amount you want. But not often both! Maybe this could be my suggestion. Monzo please pick one or the other. Lol

I had scheduled, but because my payments vary a bit as to when they came in as I am paid right at the end of the month, I thought I would try salary sorter to see if it was better for me! Rather than all my payments being made when my salary hasn’t even made it into my bank which I have had happen a couple of times this year. But now I am thinking about going back to scheduled again lol.:+1:


I didn’t like the way that you could not access, and view, salary sorter at any time you please.

No good for my style of control of my finances.