Incoming salary as a trigger for actions / income trigger

I’m suggesting the ability to send money being to destinations (pots and other accounts) based on salary incoming, rather than date. When money from a particular recipient comes in that is the trigger for it being sent.

I get paid monthly but it’s manually paid and therefore not always on the same date. I can see a benefit of actions being automated based on the salary payment, such as setting the ‘pay date’, transfers to pots etc.


Interesting idea, would have to get over triggering the payments if you get any expenses paid in.

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At least in my company, expenses look different than my salary, so I wouldn’t have that problem.

Perhaps make the trigger smart and have a condition or two? Once per X days, incoming from Y person, over £Z amount?


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


What’s an ifttt trigger? Is it something that needs to be set up our done outside of Monzo?

The first response on that page is suggesting that Monzo hasn’t updated ifttt support for more than a year.

That idea is for an IFTTT trigger whereas I read this as a native Monzo one - which would actually open up a whole set of greater possibilities (like moving money to external accounts, for example).

Not sure if that’s what was intended, but I think there’s probably room for two variants here…

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@Justin555 There’s a 3rd party service called Flow which is planning to introduce something like this. They have said Monzo is the first UK bank they hope to integrate with

I’ve suggested something similar as using dates simply doesn’t work as they aren’t fixed. Only a dynamic solution where triggers can be set on other elements or even variables will provide ultimate control and flexibility.

My salary varies each month and by quite a bit on some months, so id like to be able to identify this as either a payment from a named source or even anything over a certain value.

With Bill pots now a thing, this needs to happen stat.

I get paid my salary
IFTTT transfers predefined figure into Bill pot
Job done


You are all over this keeping people directed to the right location stuff … Awesome job…:stars::stars:


100% agree! :100:

I’d quite like native Monzo functionality, so I can:

  • move the contents of selected pots to the main account / other pots
  • refill my pots
  • transfer money to external accounts when I get paid

It’s the last one that’s the big draw to having it naively in Monzo, rather than through IFTTT for me.

Imaging scheduling standing orders, transfers etc from within the app using “after I get paid” rather than selecting a date! :tada:

(I’d also quite like modifiers on pay date, so I can do things like “payday + 2 days” or “payday + 2 hours” so I can sequence movements between pots/accounts. But I won’t get greedy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


:point_up: This is a great idea. A native Monzo intelligent transfer would be :ok_hand:

Until then, I’ve manually calculated the amount to place into the bills pot from my main account and set it up as a recurring payment timed to transfer in-between the salary deposit and the first D/D being paid.

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+1 for having this on personal and Joint Accounts.

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This would be FANTASTIC! On the day I get paid from person X (employer) with an amount over £Y action ABC happens. Would be so useful to save the rigmarole I go through the morning after every pay day transferring money round to various payees and accounts! VOTED :ballot_box: (even better if you could tag the ‘person x’ as your employer for those of us paid via faster payments, so that Monzo finally recognised my salary as salary!


Are Monzo looking at IFTTT triggers?? as this would be a Very useful feature. I’m currently running a lotto syndicate and would like the prize payments to be automatically paid inbto a pot.

Need this! I’m currently moving cash to external account 1 calendar day after salary gets paid which is so clunky, and even means if I over spend on this external account I hit the overdraft even though salary could easily cover it, but it’s just sat waiting for spacetime… What are the Devs working on if not this!

I obviously don’t know for sure, but they’ll probably have been developing business banking, ordering of pots for iOS, and Monzo Plus in recent months.

Fair enough, without knowing how many devs and how much work involved its hard to know how busy they are :slight_smile:

Also, they may be wary of giving IFTT too much account access. If things go wrong, who would get the blame?

It’s one of the reasons I revoked IFTT’s access to my account. The value I got from it wasn’t worth the (albeit minuscule) risk of breached security. I mean, everything is 100% secure - until it isn’t.