Salary sorter - how to use

How do I use the salary out on the app? Cant see anything and can I re create my Bill’s pot and start again?

When did your salary come in? You have to use it within 72 hours (the sorter, not your salary)

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Oh right, came in on the 28th and it’s the same every month

So when your next payment comes in tap on the transaction and you’ll see a big blue salary sorter button. Tap on it after the 72 hours and it just crashes. Then choose an amount for whatever pot you want to move your money to. Save the sort and it will remember the amounts for next month so you don’t have to fill them in again, although the sort won’t be automatic, you’ll need to press the blue button again next month

You don’t have to have just 1 bills pot. You can delete and set it up again if you want

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Cheers pal

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