Salary Frequency

(Mark Dunne) #1


I’ve now moved my salary and direct debits and gone full Monzo and I was just looking in the app to set my pay date.

When I select a payment to identify as my pay day it’s automatically sets by next pay day to be a month later, however I get paid every four weeks.

Is there a way to change the frequecy or if not will that be introduced in the future?

Payment dates
(Jonathon) #2

Not right now. I think this is something that will happen in the future.

(Lancelot Payne) #3

If you need to know more this thread might be of some use to you Summary - Feedback thread

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #4

If it’s not impertinent, do you mean salary or do you mean wages? I’m salaried and I get paid monthly, but my partner gets wages every 4 weeks.


I have the same dilemma as I get paid weekly so whichever pay I choose it starts the month from there

(Richard Bairwell) #6

My summary has got confused because I get paid on the last working Friday of the month - last month was the 25th, this month will be the 29th.

(Mark Dunne) #7

I am salaried but get paid every four weeks. I think its the standard across the industry I work in.

(Mark Dunne) #8

When I saw that they updated ‘the big list’ to tick off custom pay periods I assumed that it would have included weekly, four weekly pay etc


On the same boat. Ended up going back to my old back and paying myself from them every month.

Rubbish hack but it seems to work so far!

(Paul D Smith) #10


I am in the same boat as you here. I suspect we
work in the same industry. It’s a minor annoyance but would likely also be not difficult to fix.

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(Paul D Smith) #12

Yeah, Choo Choo

Getting paid four weekly can make some things like this complicated, i do like the upshot that we end up being paid 13 times a year and there’s that one set of wages a year(usually between Christmas and new year) you get two wage payments between mortgage payments, pretty sweet

(Mark Dunne) #13

Yeah its a pain for direct debits but ‘bill free’ month makes it worth it :joy::joy:

(Dave) #14

The option to select the last working day of the month would be great. EMMA has this feature and its always nice to see an accurate countdown to payday!

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #15

Yeah, Emma is cool but I wish it wouldn’t revert to calender months for previous periods.