Custom Recurring Payment Frequency

I don’t know if this suggestion would be widely requested but I personally would love to see more options in the recurring payment frequency. As I get paid 4 weekly I would like to be able to set up a recurring payment to go 4 weekly, rather than monthly.

The reason for this is, because I get paid 4 weekly my salary gets paid into my account at different dates throughout the year, with standing orders that have a fixed payment date this often means these get processed before I have been paid.

Hope this all makes sense.


I agree with this… after migrating to the current account a few days ago, I was surprised there wasn’t much flexibility available to set in the frequency. I would love for Monzo to be able to allow us to set the frequency to whatever we need e.g

Every x weeks
Every first/last weekday of the month
Every first/last day of the month
Every x days



I too have just upgraded to the current account this week and have noticed the recurring frequency is limited. I see the original post was on 27th September but no replies yet as to if this is likely to change in the future.

I also would like to see 4 weekly and Bi-Monthly or allow you to select recurring every x months so the payments I make every 2 months are covered is this likely to be added @hugo .


i see that the last response was in November 2017. I’m going to assume that this topic has fallen in being noticed due to the other pressing things that are being done.

This feature is something that I think should be implemented before everyone transfers over to CA as it’s a feature that legacy banks provide which Monzo doesn’t currently support @hugo @tristan

Actually, @zancler is working on this as we speak. He’ll pop an update very soon :slight_smile:


@zancler @hugo @tristan got a response on when this feature will be available. I’ve been using the CA for 6 months now and this still bugs me. Monzo is starting to look like a legacy bank in that they promise to fix something but never deliver. It hurts when we got off to a good start and now the basic features that legacy provide still aren’t available.


Is there any update on this? I’ve worked around it for now, but having a 4 weekly option for recurring payments would be useful for me and my other bank account does it.

Also patiently waiting for more frequency options. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get paid every week, so this would be really useful.

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I like the idea.

I also think it would be useful to be able to specify (for example):

One the 20th day of each month, but when the 20th falls over a weekend or bank holiday:

  • on the preceding Friday
  • on the next working day
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So much this, also paid 4 weekly yet summery only does months.
If they implement this that will be the last thing I need to change over to monzo for main bank account.

I believe they’re working on a system to identify paydays. They mentioned it briefly on the IFTTT livestream. It’s pretty complex as people get paid in all sorts of ways and I’m guessing they want it to predict your payday range for summary.

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This already exists does it not. And you are able to select which transaction is your pay, of the calculated one is I correct. However it expects the next pay to be received exactly 1 month later, there is not currently anyway to specify your pay frequency.

Yeah. It’s the most basic version of it so far. I’m assuming it will use historical data and other heuristics, potentially a few questions to help it set it correctly too.

I also get paid weekly, and find it difficult to really budget through the Monzo app because of this. Would be great if there was a section for committed income for that month!

@hugo @zancler @tristan So looks like this feature has been completed on the roadmap but yet still not implemented, the current account has now been rolled out for 5 months and we are still waiting on the basic features, but yet bill splitting and joint accounts seem to be getting delivered. Are the customers who require more control over the standing orders less important coz that’s how it feels. When the features that we ask for still ain’t getting delivered…

I agree, this is something that I imagine is stopping many from going full Monzo. This should be a priority.

What are you thoughts @tom?

I need this badly! Every 4 weeks here too.

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