Customisable monthly budget dates

I would like to choose exactly which dates my monthly budget covers. Currently Monzo works on a 28 day cycle which does not work for me when I get paid on a specific date each month. Even though there is the option for each month on a certain date, this doesn’t seem to work for me as it still sets to 4 calendar weeks from that date which usually doesn’t end up on that date of the next month? It was particularly a problem when I got paid early for Christmas then my four week budget ended two weeks before my January pay day! If I then try to change the dates at the end of the month it goes back and messes up all the previous month dates!

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This has been complained about a lot.

Search budget dates and see.

Hey, Im pretty sure it doesn’t actually work on a 28 day cycle so I think there might be some issue with the way you’ve set it up, I’m sure we can help you get it sorted! :smiley:

When you pick a date it asked you about weekends e.t.c. when you go through the process, so it may appear like it’s a 4 week cycle as your expected pay date lands on a weekend so it shows it coming in the Friday before? Christmas is a difficult one I agree, personally I didnt change it for the December pay so that it reset late (after the money came in) in December but it was a still a one month correct cycle ending on the right day in January.

For me, I get paid on the 24th each month, so I set it as resetting on the 24 or if it lands on the weekend the day before. That means this month it resets on the 22nd and the next cycle will be 22nd feb to the 22nd march due to the march 24th being a Sunday as well.

Does any of this help?

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Yep, exactly as Joe said. I get paid on the 27th of every month, so I set 27th as my pay date and my budget always starts on the 27th, or the last working day prior to that.

Just bumping this- is there any update on this because the limitations currently are annoying. I get paid last friday of each month so the current monthly and 4 weekly reset are not helpful


The issue for me is that I get paid the last working day of every month. I can’t adjust the start of the “next” month because I don’t have a payment through yet. So for example, the last working day of May was the 31st, but because the last working day in April was the 30th, it messed up by a day. Some months it’s more exaggerated than others. Don’t ask why my company is like this…