Sainsbury’s card declines

I’ve never had problems with using my card in Sainsbury’s and I use it there pretty much everyday after work.

Maybe this has the same root cause as the bus declines.

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You’ll notice the terminals keep displaying the contactless symbol on them if the ankint is over 30 and they let you use mobile payments. Not all terminals do, and they’ll usually have the symbol disappear. But it seems most places have updated their terminals now. I think Tesco is the only big place that doesn’t that I ever visit. Did big purchases in Ikea and John Lewis recently and both were fine with Apple Pay, it was lovely not to have to dig out a wallet when you’re drowning in furniture.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with contactless for me, my card simply won’t work in any Sainsbury’s wether it’s pin or contactless. It only happens in Sainsbury’s but it’s every Sainsbury’s, no issues whatsoever anywhere else

Time for a replacement card?

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Was it a joint account card or your personal account?

My own personal account. It can’t be the card as it works everywhere else but Sainsbury’s, doesn’t matter what Sainsbury’s I go into the card will decline but it’s been declined in no other places and I use it very regularly

How many Sainsburys have you tried? :open_mouth:

4 and declined in all of them, luckily I always have another card with me

Have you messaged Monzo in app? Sounds like something they need to take a look at.

(edit) since the first decline/contact

Yes and they say there is nothing wrong. Again today another Sainsbury’s decline, I’ve easily had 10-15 Sainsbury’s declines in the last 4 weeks but not a single one anywhere else

I know you don’t think it’s the card, but changing the card is the only thing you can do. Have you changed the card?


It quite clearly isn’t the card, other people are starting to have the same issue. I’m not saying it is monzo either but there is clearly an issue with either Monzo or Sainsbury’s.

Obviously it is something that’s specifically related to Sainsbury’s or some sub company they use, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also specifically related to your card.

By the same logic I and thousands of others could say, “well I shop at Sainsbury’s using Monzo all the time so it’s definitely nothing to do with Sainsbury’s”. There can be multiple elements that combine to cause an issue, and there’s no clear evidence so far that it’s definitely nothing to do with the cards. It may well not be, but it could be.

It’s completely understandable if you don’t want to try replacing the card as it’s not worth it for you; if I had another payment option I probably wouldn’t want to bother myself! But if you did that would provide extra data as it would be very unlikely that your new card would have the same issue if it IS linked to the card itself, since the issue seems rare anyway.

It is so obvious it is not the card, other people are having the same issue, it is becoming more known. Every time I use a different card and it’s fine. My mo so card works in literally everywhere else I use it, just not Sainsbury’s and I’m not the only only experiencing it.

My card works there fine, so that suggests that it may be a batch of faulty cards which the custom software that Sainsbury’s uses in its terminals don’t like.

The other person whose card you’re talking about, did they sign up at the same time as you? That would add credibility to faulty cards.

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I’m not saying it’s definitely the card (could be a faulty batch though), but the only way you’ll know for sure is to change it.


What would the logic be in a faulty card when the card works literally everywhere else?? Surely it’s more likely there’s an issue between monzo and Sainsbury’s. It’s also not one other person there’s multiple people with the same issue. I was even told in Sainsbury’s that I wasn’t the only person with a monzo card that was being declined. The card can not be faulty if it works at every single retailer apart from one. Sainsbury’s and Monzo need to start listening and do something about it.

To be fair, that was explained in the post you’re responding to. It’s fair enough that you’re not happy to try a new one but numerous reasons have already been given as to how it could be involved.

Not a single post explains how people are having the cards declined in Sainsbury’s but nowhere else