[URGENT] My chat feature isn't in the app?


I can’t find chat feature, have had important payment declined and need to get approval from monzo. Please could you advise.

Use the “Search or ask us a question” area at the top of your screengrab.

Follow through the steps there.

Alternatively, click on the transaction itself. Scroll to the very bottom, there may be a “Something wrong with this transaction” section that is sometimes useful.

I hope you get it sorted :+1:


If you can’t sort your issue with other help articles, searching for Contact support will give you a help article on contacting support that has a link to the chat.


Unfortunately this is the only thing I’m seeing when I go until my transactions

I know what you mean, the chat option used to be there previously but isn’t any more. Really confused as to why it’s disappeared from all menus

Ah thanks, this worked!


Why was the transaction declined out of interest?

Did you check your limits & allowances as explained in the second box?

Monzo seems to think that it was declined because you went over your ATM withdrawal limit?

Due to limits. I’ve requested monzo to increase temporarily so I can make the transaction, all be sorted now.


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