Royal Mail

I was looking to place an online order tomorrow…are royal mail collecting and delivering Friday and sat? I was going to pay for special delivery so that I will get it Saturday…

Yes. Normal service Fri & Sat

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You can get service updates on their site -

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Doesn’t it feel weird, getting strangers to use Google for you?


Yes true… because Google said that there is royal mail is normal service today but no post man in my area

I received post today

Received post here too

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I will take the risk and place my online shopping order tomorrow

That may say something about your postman (or there was no post for your neighborhood today? :thinking:).


Nope not on my road…checked will all my neighbours

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Here’s a useful trick. Ask Google for the Royal Mail website, and look there. It works for me :+1:

Then apologise to your postman for me, if you would…I feel bad now. :flushed:

By the way, I’ve got the miserablest postman in all Britain - but I suspect that’s a whole new thread (or none at all :grin:).

Sorry, I’m struggling to see any negativity in any of the answers you received.

I hope you get whatever it was :+1:


Let’s try and keep things civil peeps :+1: