[?] Roundup Issue

Just paid for my lunch by my apple watch the amount has been debited without using roundups which is turned on and not showing in my feed. The other strange thing is a I paid for bus ticket today which is normally £2 and takes a few days to show but had 10p debited from my feed.

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its just caught up but round up not worked strange.

I have that on the buses in Oxford.

It takes 10p then updates about 3 days later to the correct amount

I assume it is the same reason petrol station amounts change later (for pay at pump)

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Thanks must have changed how they do it as they never used to do 10p.

Could be something similar to what happened here: Roundup not working properly?

Might be an issue between Authorisation amount vs Cleared amount?

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Maybe but looks as if the issue is today on transactions.

How much was your lunch? What would the expected round-up have been?

It’s hard to see where the error is without more info I think! The delay(s) Monzo was experiencing was with money coming in not out so might be a separate issue

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Lunch was £4.10 and roundup should be 90p thats what happened when I had same lunch at beginning of week. My balance isn’t low either.

Have you clicked on the transaction in the Feed? That might give some more info - without seeing anything I’m not sure what to suggest! Maybe try speaking to COps?

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I am contacting them now and thanks for your suggestions much appreciated.

If you feel okay sharing do let us know if they figure out what the problem was!

There are definitely delays. I bought lunch at 1230, balance went down immediately but no notification and no transaction in the feed until 20 mins later.

The roundup still hasn’t gone through yet, so that’s lagging even more!


I more than happy to share when I hear back from Monzo but I haven’t marked as urgent.

I’ve disregarded message to COPS as my roundup has caught up and now showing.

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My roundup also just went through. I’m still pursuing with COps as I don’t think 20 minutes for transaction notification and 45 minutes for roundup is acceptable.

Same here regarding the delay. However its the first and hopefully last time :slight_smile:

Are you on the new Beta UI layout or the old one?

New beta layout on IOS but first time I have had this.

The old UI. There’s been delays on and off all week for me, today’s the only time I’ve been able to pin down the timings to report to COps though.

Sometimes delayed transactions, sometimes delayed roundups, sometimes both :man_shrugging: