Difference between pot balance and savings goal

Hi community, does anyone know of a way to see the monetary difference between the amount you have in a pot and the savings goal (if any) that you’ve set for that pot? I really don’t care if I’ve achieved 89.63% of my goal as it is meaningless to me. What I’d like to know is how much actual money I still need to put into the pot to achieve my goal but I can’t find a way to see that. Of course I could use a good old fashioned calculator but this seems like such a fundamental to me, I can’t think why it’s not an available option - unless it is and I’ve missed it. Any thoughts on this please?

No, there isn’t a way. Your best bet is to change the pot title when you add/remove money.

Hi, thanks for your reply but I’m not sure I understand what changing the title of the pot will achieve. Maybe I’m being dim (entirely possible) but could you please clarify?

“£150 needed” add £10, edit to “£140 needed”

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Ah I see now. Yes that’s certainly an option but my pots are called “Holiday” and “Birthdays” and the like and I often add pretty random amounts in pounds and pence. I just figured if Monzo can tell me what percentage of my goal I have achieved immediately after adding £186.72 for example, it could work out how much is left to go just as easily and a lot quicker than me and my calculator. Maybe I’m just being lazy and the more Monzo does for me, the greater my expectations :smile: