[Android] Monzo rounding for display purposes

I understand that Monzo rounds to the nearest £1 when displaying spending on the Summary tab, but I just noticed that it displays rounding when you view an individual pot transaction too and in this case the pot balance ends up being way off.

As you can see here I have a pot that I pay into monthly with a balance of £90


If I view an individual transaction though, it shows the total deposited = £100 so the balance of the pot inside the transaction is out by £10!


Shouldn’t the total deposited field = pot balance rather than average payment * no. of payments and then rounded to the nearest £1?

Samsung Galaxy

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You definitely haven’t withdrawn anything from this pot previously?


Scratch that, yes… £10!

What use is that though?

For total deposited to be useful, it needs to show total withdrawals below total deposits so that the maths makes sense?

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You’re making an assumption about what it’s trying to do here. As it’s a deposit, the transaction is giving you an overview of your deposits. It’s a statistic but possibly not a very useful one. This is the way most transactions are presented.

It doesn’t pretend to be giving you a summary of the pot transactions which is why it doesnt read well in that context. Interestingly, we don’t get those lines at all on iOS maybe for the reasons you’re highlighting.

Yep, I’m a non techie end user and we interpret what we see. I got it wrong, but I don’t think my rationale was unreasonable given what was displayed.

I think that’s subjective. It’s not immediately clear what it’s trying to do and that it turns out, is the problem.

There are no statements available for pots and that adds to the confusion I think.

That seems sensible, because at the moment, as far as I’m concerned it’s just confusing!

I do like the idea of adding in a row to show total withdrawals though, it would be a “look what you could have won if you’d left your money alone” kind of prompt. Mind you, that wouldn’t be useful for all pots

Edit: I don’t want to mark this as solved, because there is something not right (just not what I thought!), maybe it would be better as feedback/idea instead though? Please would you move if you think appropriate?

I’d also appreciate some Monzo feedback on this

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Good call. That this feature has raised a natural degree of uncertainty suggests a review won’t go amiss.


I agree that would be useful. I was sure that you must have withdrawn £10 though as the pot total is deposits minus withdrawals.

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