Round-down balance

I have this idea where you end the day with a balance of say £51.87 Monzo will round-down your balance to the nearest pound (£51.00) and set aside £0.87 into a desired pot at midnight, 1am, and maybe some custom options like the nearest ten, (will round down to £50 and put away £1.87) maybe a feature for IFTTT?? What do you guys think?? Another example ending the day with a balance of £187.34 so would put away £0.34 or £7.34 depending on nearest pound or ten.


I like the idea - I’d prefer a button to do this manually though :wink:

However if you keep your balance round anyway (with a pot round-up) then you don’t really need to round it up at the end of the day :smiley:

There’s also some IFTTT rules which can round transactions to the nearest £1/50p etc. :slight_smile:


This could be troublesome for the processing of direct debits/recurring charges that are always rounded up to the nearest pound…NOT.

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