Option of cash round ups

Is there any plans to introduce cash round up for customers to save?

Rounds ups already exist.

Make a pot and choose round up option.


Ha brilliant I feel stupid now thanks

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We’ve all got a learning curve no need to feel stupid :smile:

Make use of the help section when you can it’s actually very good:

Edit: I’ve moved your post to help in case it helps others.

Is it just me? Transactions less than £1.00 don’t round up. So my daily £0.55p chocolate bar stays at £0.55…everything else rounds up. The ‘5’ looks messy in my transaction list! Bug or deliberate?

This is deliberate; roundups do not occur on transactions <= £1 in value.

What’s the rationale? I don’t remember reading about this condition. :thinking:

It’s mentioned in their announcement of this feature:

Ta. I wonder why this condition has been set?

1p active card checks rounding up before being refunded would be a pain


If you’d like all transactions to round up then you can turn off round-ups in Monzo and use IFTTT to roundup instead.

This :point_up:

It obviously won’t do it if you’re in your overdraft too :slight_smile:


I’m “joint account” only. No IFTTT yet…

Makes sense. Ta.

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