More flexible Round-up settings

I find the round up feature to be really useful, I’ve accumulated £180 from round ups alone this year!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to be able to change the round up a little bit. Currently it is obviously rounded to the nearest £1.00

I think two extra options would be useful:

  1. Round to nearest £1.00 + £x.xx

This would allow you to save a little bit more from every transaction if you so wished.

  1. Round to nearest £x.xx

For me personally, this would be beneficial in two ways…

It would help you save more, but more importantly it might make you think twice if all of a sudden your £1.50 coffee or snack from a shop turns into £5, which would/should reduce frivilous spending.

Also it would make all the transactions in your home tab multiples of £5 or £10 or whatever which would be satisfying for me haha

I think that you can do at least some, if not all of this by using IFTTT already

Hmmm, just looked into it - I don’t think it works with joint accounts, plus it would be nicer for it to be integrated. But thanks for the heads up - there are lots of things in ifttt that could be useful to me!

IFTTT would create a new feed item for moving the money to a pot, which would quickly get messy - unlike the roundup which is integrated into the transaction.

For me this works much better, I don’t like the integration as it doesn’t show the amount spent just the total of the transaction, so I use IFTTT to display the roundup amount as I like it kept seperate.

It’s all a matter of choice and hopefully one day Monzo will update the feed information to show the transaction amount with the round-up amount shown smaller underneath, which will still be on the one line. This looks good and works well on the other bank feeds I’ve seen elsewhere.