I posted under this topic and someone suggested doing a separate post on it, and disclaimer again, I work for the following company I mention.

Rewilding, or restoring natural ecosystems, is becoming a growing area at the moment, with even the mighty Attenborough putting his voice behind it (e.g. in Life on our Planet, or the new documentary about affects lockdowns have had on nature.)

I’m working for a company called Mossy Earth who run rewilding and reforestation projects, and we have a YouTube channel where we’ve started producing content about the area, including one about the return of nature to Chernobyl after the devastating nuclear accident.

I’d be curious to hear people’s thoughts on the subject, or experiences they’ve noticed over the last year.

If you’re interested, we have a membership (personal and business) to help fund rewilding and reforestation projects to have a positive impact on our planet.

Feel free to ask me any questions about rewilding or the company itself, or whether the slight plug for the company is inappropriate.


Oh, and it’s on my medium/ long-term list to see if we could do an integration with Monzo in some way! e.g. we currently have a carbon footprint calculator on the site but would be interesting to open it up as an API, and so could automatically calculate carbon for flights etc.

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Forgive me but I’m not really sure what you’re asking from people.

Thoughts are it’s great, I can’t see anyone being against what you’re doing however what experiences are you after? I have zero experience in this and I can’t see many others having a background in this either.

Are you asking for examples of reforestation that I’ve seen? Areas that I think need doing?

Can I ask, in what capacity do you work for them?

Marketing? PR? Driving beavers to their new home?

Yeah fair, the order of my sections was probably a little off.

I meant people’s thoughts on rewilding more generally, not specifically Mossy Earth, and any experiences they’ve had in the last year of nature returning more around them as human activity has been reduced. Or just general thoughts on returning more of the planet to nature. Although yeah, I do forget sometimes that the term rewilding isn’t widely known.

For example, wider projects that get talked about, the returning of large grazers to land to maintain it in a more natural way e.g. bison being returned to places. Or the possible re-introduction of “large” carnivores like lynx to help restore balance to ecosystems - the huge increase in deer numbers has a detrimental affect on ecosystems and forest regeneration.

I guess more broadly, how do people feel about living in a more wild world where we have more of a connection to nature.

I wasn’t specifically asking anything from people, was more just to start a discussion.

Not sure if this clears it up a little or not!


I’d never heard the term “rewilding” until I saw this thread. Then just clicked on a trending topic on Twitter and saw this.


Haha, unfortunately I don’t work with animals that closely myself, although we do have two biologists that do do things along those lines.

I’m working mostly on the tech side of things - so currently website stuff, including the account page where members can get updates on their impact, and project pages more generally, but with scope for some slightly larger things further down the line.

No personal experience with this, except I would have loved to have witnessed or experienced it first hand!

But there is a David Attenborough documentary on exactly this coming to Apple TV+ this Friday which I’m looking forward to watching!

It’s sounds like a magical thing, and I’d love that to become more common!

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Yeah, it was mentioned in the Attenborough interview I linked to in first post (although I did link a lot…). Unfortunately I don’t have Apple TV+, although I might use 7 day trial to watch it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, George Monbiot can be a little polarising generally, but is a huge proponent of Rewilding (he wrote a book about it called Feral - Rewilding the land, sea and human life) and in that I definitely agree with him. Particularly his points on it being a positive thing for humans (not just for climate change, or because we should give nature space), and that a greater connection to nature again is good for our mental health.

I should also add, it isn’t just about reintroducing species, but more fundamentally that it’s a complex system and that nature knows better than us, we can’t micro-manage it, but that we just need to give it space and a helping nudge to reverse some of the detrimental impact we’ve had.

Although for an example of reintroducing what they call a keystone species and the knock on affects it can have (or trophic cascades), see the wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone park and the extent of impact. I will say that some of the re-introductions aren’t without their controversy, and needs to be done in partnership with local communities.

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Probably the best example of rewilding in the UK is at Knepp: Home — Knepp Wildland

It’s something I feel pretty passionate about, and long-term would like to start my own rewilding project - just need to find the land…


I used to live about 10 mins away from Knepp, it’s a spectacular place. In fact the whole area round there is. Vineyards everywhere round there too which gives you the feeling you’re not in dreary West Sussex.


I’m starting to question whether or not I pursued the right career and the right business!

I’d love to get involved with stuff like this in a really hands on way! Or much like @Dan5, pursue my own project. Rewilding as a concept is completely new to me, but I find myself fascinated and deeply intrigued by it.

I love what I’m seeing here.

I’ve been exploring this, mostly in my head, over the last year or two and had a few discussions with a friend who works in this area.

Honestly, it’s fascinating and there is so much land available which could easily be used for rewilding projects - big or small. It’s just convincing landowners that it’s something worthwhile doing.

I love working at Monzo, but I’d jump ship in a heartbeat for an opportunity getting dirty on the ground.

People can make smaller differences in their own gardens and there are initiatives such as no mow may which have been gaining traction over the last few years.

I sectioned off part of my garden last year to just grow wild, and this year I’m letting the whole garden go to meadow. I’m also growing some native wildflowers to get the process kicked off - focusing on yellow rattle and wild poppies this year.

At the moment the garden just looks messy, but come summer hopefully it’ll be a haven for butterflies, bees and other wildlife.


I actually did this last year! Much to the dismay of a few neighbours trying to refer me to their gardeners to keep on top of my garden for me! But we were rewarded with plentiful butterflies and birds!

Yes it looks messy compared to neighbouring gardens, but it supports a fantastic abundance of wildlife, particularly in summer. I’ve even had a few hedgehog visitors crawling through the taller grass at night (I’d never seen a hedgehog in person before)! When I’m very lucky, one of the ring cameras pick them up. I would like to try encourage greater variety of growth with some native outdoor plants and flowers though.

Edit: after a little bit of googling some more into it, Mossy Earth actually have an article on exactly this!


Ah cool, I hadn’t heard of this place before but looks great, a great place for a camping trip and not actually that far away from London. My grandparents were around that area and I had no idea about it. Alladale estate in Scotland is one we do quite a lot of work with.

Yeah, that would be really cool, and something we’d love to do as a company and with members at some point. Brewdog have actually just bought a large part of land in Scotland to rewild.

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Haha, what career/ business are in you if you don’t mind me asking? We tend to have a bunch of opportunities for people to get involved with us if you’re ever interested at all, I started out as a pro-bono dev with them at the beginning of the year.

Yeah, I’ve been inspired after being at Mossy Earth to do exactly the same, and have got 150 plugs of wild flowers (50 for bees, 50 for butterflies, 50 for birds) plus some seed, to put out once the ground stops frosting overnight! Any water source, especially any size of pond, is also a great addition.

This looks very cool.

Was a little surprised whilst browsing the website to see they sell meat from the animals too. (Clearly rewilding doesn’t = veganism but caught me off guard for sure in an overall eco/earth loving pitch)