Views on the Climate since covid

What are peoples views on the climate since the lockdown? I am intrigued to understand as I will put my hands up and be the first to admit. I wasn’t really conscious about the climate but since the world slowed down due to covid. It got me thinking and especially this summer the weather conditions in London, wasn’t what it use to be a few years back.

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intriguing, how differently we all think. I’ve thought about climate related issues most of my life - the destruction of the natural world, extinction related issues, and mans ridiculous attitude to natural resouces & lack of care for our planet. unfortunately, I feel its all going to come home to roost quicker than most expect, and create quite a gruesome next few decades. anyway… have a lovely evening, enjoy the sunshine… and cheers :slight_smile:


I think it’s gone to the back of people’s mind because of COVID

And shops aren’t helping- lots of coffee shops for example will only use single use cups now (even for eat in)

Although if we’re not heating all the London office buildings, that should save some energy

I wouldn’t say I’m more aware of it now. I think covid19 and current upcoming flu season are more on my mind.

Climate change is happening however apart from radical changes to everyone’s live styles I’m not sure we can make significant reversal.

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I’m sure this has some relevance to climate (isn’t worth its own thread, anyway), but is it me or is there now a preponderance of cars that have seemingly been recklessly tweaked such that they backfire by design??

I live in Longbridge - but that can’t explain it surely.

Almost exclusively hot hatches and tat with those aero foil things screwed to the back…

Not judging (oh hang on - yes I am :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).


Interesting points people and some opening my eyes! @Joseph2302 agreed re London office buildings - saving energy. Re single-use cups, I have noticed this as well and when questioned why not use recycled cups they don’t really have a clue.

The reason why I put this out there is that it got me thinking, I am more conscious of climate change and would like to make more of a change and impact other than just recycling waste and home.

How can I generate wealth yet do it in a climate-friendly manner? Clim8 Invest a FinTech that swears to solely focus on climate-friendly investing. I mean their referral incentive is more people you refer they will plant trees!

I’ve signed up to keep an eye if there are true to their mission as to why not plant some trees! If you would like me to share more referral code, please dm me and we can give back to the planet.

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lol I smile every time my car “crackles” - childish I know

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Is that the term?
Hmm, you make it sound almost demure :thinking:

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They literally fart extensively. This, funny enough due to climate reasons to, to keep the emission low, they are killing naturally aspirated engines, that sound like music to ones ears and sticking turbos in that literally, crackle, pop and fart.

For the haters, naturally aspirated car’s are actually increasing in value - FACT!

Well, @CuriousGeorge, you live & learn.

But I have to say, I have grave doubts whether the tw*t down our road, (with his 2nd Mini Cooper in 18 months), has bought it with the intention of helping the planet. And…his only started farting this past few months.

(If anyone needs naturally aspirating - he does).

I can feel a Saturday thread coming on…:grin:

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I drive a NA car with a manual.

Drive like a typical 19 year old, I know this is a naughty opinion but life’s too short to worry about this stuff.

When my insurance goes down I plan to get something with a nice big V6 so I’ve got decent grunt.

3 cylinder engines can make amazing noise when you rev them hard. If your skint for fuel.

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You’d perhaps be surprised at how much of an impact technology and downsizing is having.

I did something I said I’d never do and bought the same car twice. The first had a 1.6 litre engine, but the new one only has a 1.3 yet it outputs significantly more power. In fact, I was driving it down the autobahn at 140mph last week and it felt completely effortless.

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It’s more about the noise and driving experience.

I tend to like older stuff as I feel I can mess with it as its easy to work on and not too much money if I mess it up.

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