Any gardeners on here? 🥬

(Andy Hughes) #1

Just interested! What do you grow? This year I’m trying square foot gardening for the first time.:leafy_green: :grin:

(Splodf) #2

I’m growing Aubergines, Sweetcorns, Cucumbers and White Strawberries this year. I built a little planter out of spare decking a few years ago and have always used it as a mini veg patch.

Tons of slugs this year though causing a headache!

(Andy Hughes) #3

Oh that sounds great! Never tried aubergines or sweet corn.
Luckily the slugs haven’t found my new beds yet. I really wanted to go all out this year and built two 4x7ft beds out of scaffold board. Had to get two tonnes of soil delivered :astonished:
At the minute I’ve got: edamame, peas, cucumbers, spring onions, onions, kohlrabi, chard and beetroot on the go and waiting for mizuna, mibuna and shiso to germinate :crossed_fingers:

My wife has a strawberry plant she bought from someone’s garden on our ‘mini-moon’ in Dorset 3 years ago… It’s taken over one side of the garden :joy:

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(Splodf) #4

I don’t eat carbs so I use aubergine as pasta in lasagna etc, it works really well. Sweetcorn buttered and bbq’d might be the best food on the planet.

I really wanted to get a greenhouse this year but I’ve got the lawn looking so nice it would seem a shame to chop some out!

(Andy Hughes) #5

BBQ sweetcorn is the greatest :heart_eyes:

A greenhouse sounds good. The struggle is real though, deciding to keep a nice bit of lawn or use it for something productive :joy:. I’d love one too but don’t have the space.

(James Wheatley) #6


I moved into a house with a garden at the end of summer last year so I’m interested in seeing ideas here. I have just started my first herb garden (mint, archers gold thyme, rosemary, chives and sage) plus a Bay tree and lavender for the small front garden.

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(Andy Hughes) #7

I hope you’ve got your mint in a pot or you’ll have it everywhere!

(James Wheatley) #8

Yup, I got a big metal tub to put it in, it has been in there a month and has already filled the thing!

Now to create as much mint sauce as possible :joy:

(James Blackwell) #9

Id love to grow my own veg and fruit but im away a lot and my wife hates gardening. And kills everything plant related

(Andy Hughes) #10

Also surprisingly good in salad and most importantly, mojitos!!