Any gardeners on here? 🥬

Just interested! What do you grow? This year I’m trying square foot gardening for the first time.:leafy_green: :grin:


I’m growing Aubergines, Sweetcorns, Cucumbers and White Strawberries this year. I built a little planter out of spare decking a few years ago and have always used it as a mini veg patch.

Tons of slugs this year though causing a headache!

Oh that sounds great! Never tried aubergines or sweet corn.
Luckily the slugs haven’t found my new beds yet. I really wanted to go all out this year and built two 4x7ft beds out of scaffold board. Had to get two tonnes of soil delivered :astonished:
At the minute I’ve got: edamame, peas, cucumbers, spring onions, onions, kohlrabi, chard and beetroot on the go and waiting for mizuna, mibuna and shiso to germinate :crossed_fingers:

My wife has a strawberry plant she bought from someone’s garden on our ‘mini-moon’ in Dorset 3 years ago… It’s taken over one side of the garden :joy:

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I don’t eat carbs so I use aubergine as pasta in lasagna etc, it works really well. Sweetcorn buttered and bbq’d might be the best food on the planet.

I really wanted to get a greenhouse this year but I’ve got the lawn looking so nice it would seem a shame to chop some out!

BBQ sweetcorn is the greatest :heart_eyes:

A greenhouse sounds good. The struggle is real though, deciding to keep a nice bit of lawn or use it for something productive :joy:. I’d love one too but don’t have the space.


I moved into a house with a garden at the end of summer last year so I’m interested in seeing ideas here. I have just started my first herb garden (mint, archers gold thyme, rosemary, chives and sage) plus a Bay tree and lavender for the small front garden.

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I hope you’ve got your mint in a pot or you’ll have it everywhere!

Yup, I got a big metal tub to put it in, it has been in there a month and has already filled the thing!

Now to create as much mint sauce as possible :joy:

Id love to grow my own veg and fruit but im away a lot and my wife hates gardening. And kills everything plant related

Also surprisingly good in salad and most importantly, mojitos!!

I’m bringing back an ancient thread.

Not growing any vegetables at the minute, my yard is all slabs so for now I’ve got nylon type containers.

I’m growing lavender for the bees, not flowered as yet, I only bought them as plug pants which were the size of my little finger tip.

I’ve got a Clematis which the pollinators love to come to. I even get a bee hawk moth visiting.

Picture below from the butterfly conservation organisation

I have borage growing through the cracks of the slabs, it’s self seeded itself for years, pollinators love that.

A Wollemi Pine growing in a tree sized tub, which needs repotting to something larger next year.

I plan at some point to buy railway sleepers and make some custom planter thing around the edges of my yard up against the walls.

Next year I’m thinking of growing everything 8 need for a Christmas dinner 🤦 if it goes wrong there’s always the supermarket.

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Hydroponic, If at first you don’t succeed………

As you can see my coriander is doing well, harvested three times in the last three months.
Sweet peppers might be fine. I transplanted a very healthy plant to a large pot containing rhubarb outside. Sadly the leaves of the rhubarb quickly formed a canopy over the peppers and stunted their growth. So we had a nice rhubarb crumble and the peppers recovered and they are now making good progress.

Other failures were tomatoes, they grew well but I didn’t know how to successfully prune them to stop them growing tall. Parsley was fine but not sufficiently prolific. Sage and thyme simply didn’t grow well.

So I am trying again and after a week you can see the tomatoes the basil and two more that I didn’t record are now coming through nicely along side the coriander.


Mary Mary quite contrary how does your Hydroponic garden grow :question:

I don’t know about Mary’s garden but my little hydroponic garden in three days, see above, is coming along fine.
Just look at that Coriander :blush:
Tomatoes, Basil and others are making good progress and all after about a week.


Eight days later my little garden still grows😊

The tomatoes at the front will be thinned and if I had a greenhouse I would try a transplantation.
Certainly too late for any sunny spot in the garden.

If you haven’t tried Hydroponic I would urge you to have a go. Year round harvesting and all for, in my case, an investment of around £75.

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