Free 🐝 Friendly Seeds

Help your local bees by planting a mini meadow in your back garden with some free seeds!

You may remember this from the last few years as a Friends of the Earth promotion, however 38 degrees have taken up the mantle this year after FotE had to pull out.

If you can, make sure you donate at the end so more people can get free seeds!


I went to do this but they’re out of seeds :-1:

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Oh they went fast!

If you’ve got a local Wilko they’re also on sale there for a £1

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I saw that this was a featured deal on hotukdeals, so not only did it have crazy heat it was also shared on all their socials. Whenever this happens with anything, retailers sell out or fix the glitch really quick :dizzy_face:

Why would I want my back garden to be full of bees…?

The bees probably had a nest where and before your home was built.

We’re screwed without bees.

Bees are generally friendly if you leave them alone.

They also encourage more wildlife to come to your garden, such as small birds, which in turn eat all the other insects such as flies.

Lastly, this planet is screwed anyway, and the wildlife need every bit of help they can get.


Well @TTJJ and @anon35201645, Sir David’s job doesn’t look in danger any time soon. Beautifully argued, both :rofl: