Returning An Amazon Item

Ordered something and then cancelled it yesterday as I got the wrong thing, wasn’t able to cancel as it had been dispatched.
They emailed me saying I can refuse the package or return it at the post office.

Which is the easiest and best way to return something in your experience ? Thanks

If you can refuse delivery then go for it. It’s the quickest way. Otherwise you will have to create a return label through the app and visit a post office or Hermès depending on where you live.


Have you never had this problem before?

Fortunately, no.
Any time i’ve cancelled shorty after buying I would get an instant refund. Not this time, as it had already worked it’s way through the warehouse ( evidently )

Ok. Well, you’ve been well advised above :point_up:t3:. These days, returning an Amazon item is dead easy.


I suspect accepting it and taking it to the post office yourself will get you a refund quicker.

If you reject it, it will probably take longer to get back to Amazon and a refund issued.

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Plus… this day in age of contactless delivery… all the amazon guy has to do is place it at your door and walk away


When I last returned something I used the QR code it generated.

The post office scanned this and it added the return address so no printer required and by the time I walked back Amazon had already refunded the money.

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Good point :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m already looking forward to the thread ‘I returned an item to Amazon but haven’t received my refund yet’.


That’s what part 2 was supposed to be called. Why did you ruin it for everyone :joy:

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Definitely accept the item and return it yourself.

I refused delivery and it took around a week to arrive back at Amazon. And then another day or two of me chasing them up.

But when I do a manual return, they refund me as soon as the Post Office accepts the item (it’s called a conditional refund - conditional on them actually receiving the item).

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Part 3: Amazon closed my account for making too many returns


OK thanks, I’ll do that then.

From what i’ve read you just show the post office the QR code on your phone, right ?

Yup, then they print the label for you and give you a receipt. Very easy.


^ I don’t know if this bit is just because I have Amazon Prime btw

How many more delivery related topics do we need, it’s getting ridiculous now. It blows my mind when I think surely this is it now and then next week another one pops up :see_no_evil:

We just need a ‘Venomx Oddeties’ topic creating and he can go nuts in just the one place asking every question under the sun using it as replacement for Google.


That’s a whole different post when it arrives

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But that doesn’t help highlight each issue and it might take longer to get a response!


“Guy left parcel at my door… WHAT DO I DO MONZO?”

Can’t wait… :rofl:

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