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Somebody posted a now solved issue and i would like to ask that person how he managed to do it. I don’t see any options to message on the profile. I am new to this. TIA🤜🏼

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But it’s based on trust levels, as you’re new/not posted much, you probably don’t have permissions yet.

What’s the thread/issue?


Thanks for the reply, the issue is i ordered a drone from Amazon costing £600+ which on arrival i gave the passcode and accepted the parcel. On opening, the Amazon box contained the box for my drone but this box was empty. On closer inspection of the Amazon box i had noticed a second layer of tape on the bottom of the box. Peeling this back partly, i found the layer underneath had been opened. (I kept the other side intact for evidential purposes.
Anyway, my main issue is speaking with somebody with an ounce of competence at Amazon. I exhausted myself and their customer service options to get no closer to a refund. I was hung up on, ignored, accused of faking a Police report, and after 3 weeks i got fed up with it.
I got in touch with my card company and they issued a chargeback for me. Now, conveniently Amazon have contacted me. They are asking that i cancel the chargeback.
The gentleman on the other thread had his issue solved and showed a screenshot of an email from somebody at Amazon which was an actual human response which i haven’t had. I wanted to know how me managed that, i am absolutely desperate! Any help appreciated

How did Amazon contact you to ask you to cancel the chargeback?

I’d reply telling them you want them to refund the order before cancelling the chargeback, or else you’ll proceed it. Once they refund it, your bank should automatically cancel it anyway.

Amazon are notoriously difficult to deal with when things get remotely complicated or involve more expensive purchases. You just have to keep persisting really. Complain escalate complain escalate complain. Eventually you’ll get someone who can put it right, usually they will contact you via email, as opposed to chat. If you’re a prime subscriber, threaten to cancel it over this experience. That normally kicks them into action, and you might end up with some bonus months as a goodwill gesture for the hassle.

To go to the very top email

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Thanks for the reply.
They asked me through email, it seemed automated so i sent them the reason why i will not cancel the chargeback and what they have to do for me to cancel it.

I have over 40 email threads with their customer care team over the past 3 weeks. I tried escalating the issue over the phone and they told me i would be put through to a higher department who then ended the call on me mid conversation! Any attempt to call back after this i was told i need to wait 24hrs for them to get back to me. They didn’t call back. Thats why i started the chargeback.

I think it may have been the speed of the Police reports which could have caused some suspicion on their end. Although, i do think they were telling me to add more things to the reports to make it impossible for me to get further.
I sent them the first Police report which they refused as it was not in PDF format, i sent them an updated one which they refused because it did not contain the item’s full description, i sent them another updated one which they refused because it did not contain the Police logo on it, another updated one was refused because it was not signed and stamped! The police replied to every email within an hour and were very helpful but at this point in their words ‘they are sick of Amazon’s methods’ and could not help any further. I sent the last report through one more time to see if it could be accepted by another email operator and they refused it and said it seems illegitimate.

I have been a prime customer for 8 years and this has not made any difference to them sadly. I have never had to send anything back or ask for a refund so i can’t understand why they think it is a fraudulent request.

I have emailed the email you sent as well a couple of weeks ago. I had no response

Amazon are awful when things like that go wrong. I know someone who had a similar problem last year when they ordered a robot lawnmower - they gave the code, received a heavy box, and found it was full of dog kibble and shit instead of their lawnmower. Amazon didn’t want to know. I don’t know how they managed it, but they finally fought hard enough against Amazon CS that they got a replacement.

For me, there are two massives issues here, both sort of related:

  1. Amazon are breaking the law by making it so hard for consumers to get valid refunds. There are consumer regulations that are supposed to protect us, and it seems Amazon has decided it can get away with ignoring them when they’re inconvenient.

  2. It’s understandable that people will try a chargeback when they hit a dead end with Amazon, but this in itself is a dangerous tactic and one I’ll never use myself. Because time and again Amazon have shown they’re very happy to respond to a chargeback by closing the customer’s account.

Took me a second to find it, but here’s a relatively recent Guardian article about the issue:


Thank you, i read the article and it is exactly what is happening here. They seemed shocked that i was able to get a police report in the first place and because of this they raised the bar and said the report must contain more things despite it meeting the original list of demands.
My only option seemed to be a chargeback. I was originally told i would have until the start of January to resolve the problem before they could no longer help. In the later emails with them this changed to December so it seems they were trying to time me out.

Its an awful lot of money to lose just before Christmas and its sickening that they dont care even if i have spent thousands with them over the years.

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It’s really shit, and I really feel for you. Amazon could and should be doing so much better.

I don’t know what your previous contacts with them were like, but if you fancied one more go as battling Amazon CS now you know that there is consumer legislation on your side, that might be worth a try if you haven’t already? While my own battles with Amazon have admitted been more minor, I’ve found some success from saying some variation of “You have not been able to resolve my query and I am not satisfied with this, please could you escalate my complaint to your supervisor/a manager/other senior level” when I’ve hit a dead-end with a CS rep. I realise you’ve possibly done this already, but maybe when coupled with “The law is on my side” that might be the magic bullet that finally gets you to the right person who can be more helpful?

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I will write out another email to them this evening with this thank you. If it does go my way i think i will stick to ordering the cheaper thing from there site and get anything else in person elsewhere.
They clearly aren’t properly prepared to deliver expensive items yet. It should be made mandatory for the package to be opened before the driver leaves, maybe with a code on the inside of the package that can only be confirmed on opening.
Instead, we are not able to take possession of the parcel without first giving the code and by the time you’ve put your parcel down the driver is gone.

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