Returning a payment sent to me

Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help, I have been paid for something but I need to return the money and I can’t seem to find any bank details that made the payment so that I can send it back, is there anyway to find this out?

You could try asking Monzo. It would be quicker to ask whoever sent the money, though.

I am trying to ask Monzo, its been about 4 to 5 hours since I sent the chat message and been on the phone over an hour trying to get help. I don’t know the person who sent me money, its an item sold on Facebook marketplace but I can’t fulfil the order due to an issue so I need to return the payment. I want to just send the payment with a nice message without asking for their bank details if possible

That isn’t going to be possible.

I understand why you want to it the way you are but you’re wasting your own time to do so.

It would be far easier if you sent them a nice message explaining why you can’t fulfil their order - along with reassurance that if they send you their details you’ll return it asap. I don’t think it’s your decision to decide if they want to send their details or not.

There’s very little time before the Christmas postage cut-off so by leaving them waiting for 5 hours already isn’t good. They could have ordered something else today.

Thanks, It’s a different kind of item that isn’t meant for christmas and wouldn’t be posted. Not to worry.

No worries :slight_smile: It would be good if it showed it in app but communication in difficult situations is what diffuses them. Be honest with the buyer and talk to them about it. They’ll still be upset about the order but they’ll be appreciative of this and you might retain them for future sales.

Yep, It is a full size rocking horse and payment is quite large, thats why I want to send it back as I feel like a thief.

I’m sure then whoever this person is would be quite happy to get a message saying sorry I can’t provide the item. What’s your bank details so I can return the money.

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