Retaining references for payees

That is absolutely ridiculous! What possible reason could they have for not allowing changing references?

EDIT: Referring to

Who are you referring to here?

Probably @feathers - Monzo doesn’t store the reference :stuck_out_tongue:

With regards to Monzo - this is the first iteration of payments in the app. Lots more development to come!

Yup but I don’t think they were referring to Monzo - instead @Feathers’ current legacy bank

Then I take it all back! I don’t function before coffee.

Will edit for clarity.

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I’m really looking forward to the next installment! Almost as excited as I am for Winds of Winter but I’d rather hold my breath for Monzo than George RR Martin! (Game of Thrones reference for any of you not in on that)


Hi - do we know when it might be possible to have sticky references?

This is essential for any bank challenging the incumbents.

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Funnily enough, I was reminded of this issue last night when making a payment, which is why I asked…and sure enough it’s gone to the wrong place! I have two Amex cards for different purposes, and they have different bank details to pay into. Unfortunately I had set up the one I hardly use in Monzo as I did need to make a small payment to it recently. Last night I went to make a payment, chose Amex, entered the reference of the other card, and sent a large payment. Had the reference been sticky, I’d have recognised it as wrong straight away. Have asked the COPS, but I imagine this will take weeks of providing docs to Amex :sob:

As an aside, Amex require screenshots of the transaction and my bank details. Any chance of putting them on the same page?

Hi all,

So I’m sure like some of you that are using the current account as your main/only account, I have to pay off my credit card. I don’t like waiting until the end of the month, so I pay it off every week to have a clearer idea of the money I have left for the month.

To do this, I have to make a bank transfer to the credit card account, with the credit card number as the reference. In the Barclays app, you only had to put this once and future payments to the same account would default to that reference.

Unfortunately I’m slightly regretting moving over to Monzo as I didn’t realise this wasn’t a feature already. Now I have to manually put in the card number for the reference every time I pay off my credit card. This isn’t exactly the end of the world, but it is a real hassle.

Can we get this ability to default the reference for certain payments? Or just ‘lock’ a reference to a certain account that’s being paid?

Also - can we have a way to pay accounts directly from Pots? I know that’s not the idea behind Pots, but I have a ‘Treat Yourself’ pot and it would be handy to pay off my credit card (for a specific purchase) from a pot instead of taking out the money and then paying.


I know this is something which is really annoying and should be fixed.
This has been discussed here previously

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If you’re on android a work around I have is going to the previous transaction and copying the reference from there. Definitely not ideal but I feel I’m less likely to make a mistake this way


On iOS unfortunately :confused: hopefully Monzo implement something soon!

Ah, you may be able to copy paste on that too

Thank you for reporting this :+1:. I have this problem too, and it makes it harder for me to move money around the way I like to.


I don’t tend to pay my credit card with Monzo anymore because of the hassle of looking for the credit card number.

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What if you have a standing order set up? Does the reference stay the same each month? If it doesn’t I had better cancel it quick so I don’t send money into a black hole!

Have you looked at the standing order in the app? Does it have a reference attached to it? I would expect it would keep it, as it is continuing the first payment you made. The no reference problem is usually when you make a 1 off payment and the details stay in Monzo minus the reference.

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Standing order is fine, it’s how I pay my ISA and LISA and they require the account number in the reference to apply properly. No problems :+1:

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