Retaining payee reference information

When completing payment to a previously used payee, the reference field is always blank.
A useful feature seen elsewhere is this field is pre-populated with the last successful payee reference - could Monzo do the same?



This is a significant failure of both Monzo and Starling.

First Direct and RBS both have this sorted. No issues.

Monzo, look at legacy banks and make your app do things better than them.


Maybe mistaken, but I believe Starling has dealt with it in a recent update.


Only partially, from what I last saw. They were remembering recently used references. Still a half-baked solution compared to FD and RBS.

Right direction, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the last reference used is sticky now, with option to use other recent ones also. It works well.

Yep, for sure! There are plans to make the payment screens nicer and easier to use — these are very much version 1. @Jami is the main in the know on timelines though :slight_smile:


Thanks for this! We definitely have plans to make the bank transfer flow smoother now that the basics are in place. No timelines yet, but I’ll add this to the input for our design crew.

Cheers :bowing_man:


Great Jami/Tristan, thanks for the insight. Will keep an eye out for the payment updates you refer to. -P

This is different to how every bank I know does it.

Other banks allow me to set multiple payees with same account number and sort code and whatever reference I like. For example, destination account number.

This is required for some old building societies, HMRC etc.

It’s a much better way to do it and I can’t fathom how ‘challenger banks’ Monzo and Starling can’t grasp this? :thinking:

I appreciate it’s not everyone that needs this but many do. I’m surprised that people are prepared to put up with a half baked solution. I can only assume they don’t have such requirements. It’s basic stuff.

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Recent updates have made this a lot slicker - retaining previous references that can be selected from a dropdown. The default is still to leave the field blank if not entered - but this update works for me… thank you! -P

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