Remember references for payees

I use the same reference each time I pay a certain payee. It would be handy if this was remembered, rather than my having to input this manually every time :+1:t4:


Agreed this would be very useful. Good news is it sounds like this is coming. :tada:

And we’ll make it easier for you to reuse past references when sending Faster Payments and setting up standing orders, and allow you to edit standing orders without having to delete and add them all over again.


I agree too. Would also be handy to be able to add contacts you send money regularly to, with a note of person name or account etc.

For example: I pay rent monthly to my landlord and send money to two friends monthly. Without memorising the account numbers I have to double check each time I send the payment which is annoying.

Also at the moment it only has contacts you recently transfer money to, you should be able to add contacts; HSBC, Lloyd’s, Barclays all do this.


Very happy with the new update and that it remembers previous reference details! :grinning:

However, can there be an option to remove past references? I made a mistake recently and now that too is available as an option.