Payee reference

For Android (not sure about iOS)

So when you have multiple references on Monzo, there is no way to delete old references.

The more annoying thing is that it defaults to the first one you use every time.
Rather than defaulting to the one you used las

So please let us delete old references and have it, so it defaults to the last reference used

Particularly annoying. My wife accidentally paid her Co-op Bank credit card from our joint account. I later paid “my” Co-op Bank credit card from my personal account, not realising that her reference details had been substituted.


Payee management in Monzo really seems like it was designed built without any thought whatsoever of actual human use.

It is so unlike Monzo to have something so bad in-app without any refinement occurring at all.

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It defaults to the one i used last on ios

It is what makes me so disappointed in Monzo. They seem to have stopped caring about everything that doesn’t make/save them money

Something has gone wrong as Starling are doing much better while also constantly improving

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I’m on Android, so must be a parity thing

Had it confirmed by in chat support

I don’t understand why it couldn’t have been 60% of the time focused on the stuff that makes money and 40% of the time in stuff that makes a big difference to customers

Rather than nearly 100% on monetisation

I have a sneaky suspicion that when Plus arrives it’ll basically be a carbon copy of every other packaged account.

Sadly, innovation has gone downhill for us early adopters. Maybe it was always going to happen once the bankers started running things? Maybe all the new customers don’t care?


Hope there is an update soon