Restarting Signup

Hi, I started a new sign-up process and entered details etc. I have now reached the point of choosing the name on my card. However I would like to edit my Preferred name and use that. (I stupidly put just my first name not my full name).

I cannot seem to go back in the process. I have tried hard closing the app and uninstalled/reinstalled it. But it always brings me back to the card name choice screen after it asks for my email address.

No response on chat after 24 hours.

Not impressed so far despite friends saying a lot of good things.

Hopefully just a short term staffing issue.

Any workarounds welcome.

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No workarounds other than waiting for inapp chat to get back to you to make the necessary changes I’m afraid. Wait times are longer than Monzo want but it’s just a case of waiting till your message gets picked up. :confused:

I’ve also flagged this post up to Monzo incase anyone can bump your message up the queue. :crossed_fingers:

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Reached out via DM, we should be able to get this fixed for you :grinning:


Hi @simonb , I have exactly the same issue - could you please help.


Hi there! Looks like this got fixed on your account now, but please let me know if you still need help :grinning:

I’m having the same issue how can I start the sign up process from scratch cos I put my residency wrong

You’ll need to email

Include the email address and phone number you’re signing up with

Email support is a bit slow but they should get back to you in a few days

Or continue sign up and change residency afterwards