App crashes upon selecting UK-only tax residency

I’m trying to sign up but the app won’t let me go past choosing tax residency unless I tap on “I have residency or citizenship elsewhere”.
However I have tax residency only in the UK.
Could you please help me complete my registration?

Thank you.

Delete & reinstall app?

Doesn’t work

Is the app fully up to date?

Yeah, just downloaded it.

I can’t remember what the signup flow is like but I’d go back and double check that you haven’t filled anything in incorrectly so that app doesn’t assume you’re not in the UK.

Otherwise you’re going to need to call or email Monzo for some help with this as we don’t have much to go off here.

It doesn’t allow me to go back. Even the tax residency seem to go thru, I can see the following screen, but the app crashes on it. Does Monzo have a support email? Thank you.

Yes but it is the slowest method of communication (expect several days) as most of their resource is used for in app chat.

Personally I’d call them on 0800 802 1281