✅ I’m trying to sign up but it won’t let me press next after putting in my account details


Details to reproduce:
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It might be you’ve put in a preferred name that can’t be accepted. It has to be a variation of your legal name.

For example, this is ok:

Full legal name: James Fotheringham Smith
Preferred name: Jim Smith

But this is not OK:

Full legal name: Timothy Jones
Preferred name: Basher

Also; assuming your date of birth is more than 16 years ago?

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Could be a silly question but is the dare of birth the correct format? Seems
Strange to me but looks like they ask in American format from the screenshot, make sure you’ve done that rather than english

The language of the device is probably set to something other than ‘English (United Kingdom)’

If it is, change it to English (United Kingdom), go through the Monzo sign-up process again and once complete, change the language back to your preferred version.

Let us know how you get on…


Yeah, I’ve also seen this bug raised in a different thread so this was my gut instinct. They’re working on it but it’s not been patched yet.

David is right, this solution worked for the other person so it’ll probably work for you too.

Why wouldn’t they say which box the error was coming from? Seems like a huge oversight that prevents some people from joining.

The app is available in the US too.

But the user profile (on the forum) shows UK, so let’s start there and get them working!

It’s not a verification error - the DoB is fine but the app doesn’t know what format it should be reading it in - that’s what the issue is. It’s nothing to do with the user entering the wrong data so it doesn’t make sense to show an error to the user. Unexpected errors happen in the background all the time and they’re usually handled gracefully and logged so they can be avoided in future, it just happens that this error interrupts the user. There’s no oversight.

The DoB (iirc) should be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format, the label is showing the wrong date format because of the different language settings. But even if you enter the date in the correct format somewhere a check fails behind the scenes. That’s the bug. It’s currently impossible to pass this screen if your language settings are not English (United Kingdom), that’s what staff are currently fixing but in my experience fixing issues with different languages is never a quick fix.

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Thanks for the useful reply. That makes sense, hopefully they will fix it soon

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