RESOLVED: Current account payments may fail - Major Outage (27/10/2017)

I know we can sign up to Status SMS but out of interest how come we never get notification messages for these sort of things? Would be a handy addition going forward.


You get a message at the bottom of the app but I agree, push notification would be good.

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got my money :dancer:


Yeah it’s helpful for sure - just only if you open the app. A little notification might prompt you to get cash or a backup card at least :slight_smile:

Yes I picked it up on the forum… there appeared to be no in-app notification, although that might just be because the CA app is so minimal it doesn’t support it.

Suggestion: On the declined notifications, add ‘Monzo outage’ note to the declined transaction, so it’s obvious what has gone wrong, even if you open the app after the outage has finished.

I don’t expect these to be frequent, but in the real world it’s bound to happen so the more information we have the better.

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I found out because @airzy91 text me. Didn’t even get an SMS alert from the Mondo or Monzo status websites this time

Must say Monzo’s response has been brilliant IMO. They kept me updated in-app chat and @oliver promised to give us update on what actually went wrong. If it was only @tom offering yet another apology this week I would probably say something different ( No offence :wink: ) For me this is more satisfactory and assuring to hear from a person in thick of it.

Whilst I agree with your sentiments this is currently only forum facing. Monzo users only checking Twitter likely don’t have the same vibe.

Interesting… I’m getting every CA status update twice, though this may be because I signed up twice :joy:

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I can only speak for myself and I know I signed up for a preview account… I really don’t want outages at all when Monzo is out of preview though especially on my payday :grin:

Stealing my updates :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Still, it does make such notifications stand out amongst all the other guff I get whenever I pick up my phone. Not that I’m advocating anyone else following my example :smirk:

I get notifications from the Status group on Slack and it updates me really quickly everytime. I think you should try that!

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Where do I find these slack details?

I had a banner at the bottom of my app :slight_smile:

telegram was quick on the update, as well

I think this is the link.

It was quite confusing when I joined channels initially, most people post in # community I think and I just turn on push notifications for # status . The other channels I’m in I only get notified if I’ve been tagged.

Really? HSBC suffers an hours delay in crediting accounts and it would make the media? I think not.

I was talking of problems like this one, not day long issues. Those I can understand would be news worthy.

If HSBC started declining payments for an hour yes it’d make the news.

I suspect legacy banks just switch to allowing everything to go through when they hit problems - they can just put people into unauthorised overdraft so it’s no bother to them.

Yes. It happened this morning for 45 minutes.

Payments still worked though. Just online banking went down and it was all over the news.

Definitely +1 to push notifications from the app, as I’ve argued before.

When Monzo opens to the public you’ll get so many people who don’t forum/telegram/slack and won’t know to sign up to text notifications. Plus texts must cost Monzo money.