Reset Trends when a specific transaction comes in or allow the trends reset day to temporarily be brought forward

My company always pays us early around Christmas (sometimes a week or more before our usual payday) the past few years this has left me unable to properly use the trends in December and January (The time where I feel I need it most) as it shows me as being paid twice in December, but not at the start of January

Would it be possible to have the trends tab reset when a payment of over £X comes in from a specific payee (only ask this as I also have expenses come from the same payee, but 10 - 12 days before my salary, so having it just reset on the payee wouldn’t work) or have a button that allows the trends reset to be brought forward manually ?

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Hi. Welcome.

Custom pay periods is one of the most requested things, there’s probably 20+ threads about it.

This is the one with the most votes, add to it here

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