Custom reset dates on Trends 📆

You asked, we listened!

We know lots of you want to see your Trends start from the day of the month that suits you. So I’m really happy to share that this is now possible with the most recent app release. You might already have spotted it in your app :female_detective:

:calendar: Pick a date that suits

To set a custom reset date, just go to the month picker and tap on Month resets. You’ll be able to pick the day of the month you need, whether that’s your payday or perhaps when your big bills go out.

:muscle: We’ve got you covered

We know paydays can move around based on when the weekend falls or the number of days in a given month. Our system is flexible, so you’ll be able to to choose the behaviour that works for you.

Custom reset dates are available for all customers on version 4.12.0 or later. Enjoy! We’ll be back with more exciting updates to Trends in the New Year :eyes:




Finally after long last!!! :raised_hands:

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I’d like a million pounds please :eyes:


However…just tried it but its also reset my start date…
is that right?

Working in the public sector our pay dates are very sporadic - I would love to be able to set a start date of my choosing but also an end date too…

e.g. I got paid on the 26th November last month, but this month I’ll be paid on the 22nd.


How does this backflush?

For example - a salary payment is made on December 17th. The 17th is therefore selected as the Trends reset date.
Next month, the same salary payment is made on January 26th, so a manual change to the reset date is made to be the 26th…

Does the previously reported period of 17th December to 26th January remain (ideal)
Is the previous reset date ‘reset’, so the reporting period becomes 26th December to 26th January (not ideal)



Can we have an option to have Trends reset triggered by a regular transaction (e.g. main salary payment)?


I get paid 13 times a year on a 4 weekly rolling basis (pay date changes) therefore could the team look at adding in functionality for customers like myself?


I think your only hope is if they let you link it to your last payment

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If this forum has only ever taught me one thing it is that folk get paid at every possible and imaginable interval, not that I could have imagined that particular arrangement!


Exactly the same as me, and many others. Unfortunately until this is functionality is added I’m not sure Trends is ever going to be that useful for me.

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I also get paid every 4 weeks. This functionality is available in the old summary page… surely it gets added for trends right?


Linking reset date to the last salary paid sounds like a great idea esp when most employers pay early in Dec. On the other hand, I see a potential issue with salary linked triggers is that it treats my Expense BACS payments (£50-200) as income/salary so it would mess up the triggers (unless it see a set amount as salary, which can fluctuate for some users).

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I realised my early December pay day (21st rather than 28th) would mess up my income catergory too so I’ve changed my reset date to be based on my bills cycle rather than pay cycle.
I pay rent on the 31st (or last day of the month, trends is smart enough to consider this the same way as standing orders) or next working day, so I’ve set trends to this.
It means I won’t double up on income in the December period but I still pick up the same bills for each period. I’m not sure if that approach would help anyone above.

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Love the addition of this. Its so close to being perfect for me. Annoyingly I get paid the day before the last working day. I wish I could just change that to the last working day :sweat_smile:

Still can’t pick ‘last friday of the month’ :pensive:


I still don’t have Trends in my app? Should it be rolled out to everyone now?

Do you pay for Plus/Premium?

I did pay for Plus up until a week ago and didn’t get it

I don’t have Plus, and have trends :eyes: