Reset the budget to zero

Unlike all you youngsters I’m in my 70s and far from tech savvy.
I have a problem. I want to reset my budget to zero. On each occasion I’ve tried nothing seem to have reset.

Hi :wave:

If you head to your account/transactions list, in the top right tap the pie chart, and then an icon that looks like a target in the top right again, 1st icon, you can amend your budgets or remove them there.

If you get stuck just let us know :relaxed:


Hi again, well I tried your suggestion as well as removing the application and reinstalling it.
I am left with strings that will not stay zeroed or altered.

It must be a simpl thing to do goo ok

I am I Monzo plus. Thank you for your assistance

Should look like this, and if you press the + next to the 0 it will add a figure in £5 increments.

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You spend 11 on eating out last week?

What did you buy, one Starbucks?

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Haha I rarely use monzo for spending, not sure why it went on that card this time.

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