Disabling Budgets

How do you disable the budget feature in the app please?

If you set all of the budgets to 0 that should work

Or if you go the budgets at the bottom there is a disable all budgets button

Are you not a fan of them?

Thanks for that. Monzo chat told me to select disable all budgets but it does not work.

Well try setting the Budgets to zero

If that doesn’t work let us know or contact support again :slight_smile:

I’ve just confirmed, you can set your overall budget to 0 (click on it to enter zero rather than use the -/+ buttons), and the budget is cleared when you accept it.

Thanks for that. It does reset budget to zero. However, the budget still shows as zero for the current month on the home screen (have new layout). Is it possible to disable this feature completely?

If you’re on the new layout the budget information is shown regardless, you can’t remove it. The only way to not see it would be to go back to the standard layout as far as I can tell.

I need to disable budgeting completely.

It says I have £XX left for 6 days but this is completely irrelevant for me. I don’t have traditional income arrangements so it’s distracting and incorrect.

What do I do?

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Go to settings, then Monzo Labs, then turn on ‘Hide left to spend.’

Many thanks!

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