✅ [Android] Why can't I reset budgets to zero?

Hi there. Anyone know why I can’t reset a budget to zero? It goes down to £5, then immediately back to £100’s?? Using Android based app. Only seems to do this when there’s been a budget allocated the month before.

Same here, I’ve just commented and voted on another thread about it. I suspect it’s a bug as you used to be able to do this.

I’ve also been having this problem for a month or so but just checked now and its fixed on mine today

Version 3.26.0
Android 10
Kernel 4.14.113-17459961
Security Patch 01/03/2020

I’ve had the same issue on iOS for some time now. It must be a bug when the budget becomes an odd value. If you hold the category and reset to previous month’s value that is a miltiple of 5, then you can substract all the way to £0.

Very odd.