Report fraud in app: Active card check


I can’t report a fraudulent transaction via the app because it is classed as an active card check and won’t show up.

I got a fake royal mail text asking for money to release a package. I didn’t question it as I am expecting a package and it was only £2.00 so I went ahead and filled out all the information it asked for including card number and CVV number. It then asked for sort code and account number which seemed odd. Then I went back to check where the message had come from and it looks very suspicious. Unrecognised mobile number, straight to voicemail, dodgy looking link address with broken links or redirects to the same page, only the payment one works.

I noticed around the same time I had an active card check from Google for £0.00. So there hasn’t been any money taken and I did not proceed fully with the scam although I’m worried with what they can do with the information I had already entered.

I’ve frozen the card as a precautionary measure but I can’t find an option or way to report the active card check. Any suggestions. Thanks, Matt.

Personally I’d order a new card, then you’re covered. You should see the option now you’ve frozen your card.


You don’t need to report the card check, nothing will be taken from your account now that you’ve frozen your card.

You just need to order yourself a new card and you’re good to go.

May be worth speaking to the team on chat in the app though. We’re all just customers here so make sure you speak to Monzo via chat rather than on here.

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Thanks Robsug and Richard, I’ll take your advice and order a new card.



Next step in the fraud is that they ‘Monzo’ ring you to move your money to a safe account. #staysafe


That’s right! We won’t call you (unless we’ve told you via the chat first that we will) and we’ll never ask you to move money or anything similar.


Also watch out for variants of this where ‘the police’, ‘action fraud’ or the more generic ‘your bank’ call you.

All are the beginning of a scam.