Issue reporting scam/ fraud

**Issue: Yesterday I received a number of active card checks on my account which I did not recognise. I froze my card and then tried to report suspected fraud. I followed the process within the app and got to the part where you click a button to choose the transaction it related to, but my app crashed. I tried on multiple occasions and the app crashed every time.

As this kept crashing I tried to go into chat by reporting a scam, but simply received a message that chat was closed between 8pm and 7am, and I was unable to type anything in the chat box.

I have since been advised by Monzo on Twitter that this should not have happened as chat is always available 24/7 for suspected fraud or scams, and there must be a bug in the app that prevented me from being able to enter the 24/7 chat.

I’ve been asked to report this, so here you go!
If anyone at Monzo required any further information, please let me know.

Details to reproduce:
**OS: iOS 14.6
**Device: iPhone X
**App Version: 3.87.00


Active card checks behave differently unfortunately. No amounts been taken at the time so it doesn’t trigger any fraud flow in the app.

Best bet is to freeze card then order a new one. Then beware of anyone pretending to be from Monzo or any other bank.

You need to report it in the app, not here. Then they can look at your account and see why it happened

But it’ll need to wait until tomorrow now :see_no_evil:

Thanks. I’ve only put it on here to report the bug with the app and the issue with chat. Have since messaged them in the chat too.

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I think urgent stuff can be reported out of hours too. But as OP wasn’t actually frauded, just attempted frauded, not sure if it counts


As for urgent stuff out-of-hours, I think that can only be reported if one of the urgent flows works. If those flows don’t work and you just try “chat with us”, you can get the ‘go away until tomorrow’ notice, with no chance of even trying to send a message.