Replacement Card

The contactless on my Monzo card is not working, however, when I go to order a replacement it says up to 5 days to get it replaced.

Does that mean that I cant use my current card with the PIN once reported as broken? Would be a nightmare without my card for 5 days!

You will be able to continue to use your current card for Chip and PIN until your new one arrives and you activate the new one, so don’t panic :slight_smile:


Have you used it for a Chip and PIN transaction, and then it still not worked for contactless?
Remember, you get so many taps before you need to chip and PIN.

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You could also add your card to Google/Apple Pay to continue using contactless :slight_smile:

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Cards used to land after like 2 (working) days, 3 tops.
I got a replacement early April in 2 days.
Not sure why it’s taking longer than usual.

Royal Mail are experiencing delays due to the corona virus, no doubt Monzo will be too from their end.

Their latest update was posted earlier today:

Of course. That old chestnut

Ohhh ok because it’s all a conspiracy - my bad, I forgot :roll_eyes:

Remember, this involved ‘waking up’ a four month old thread for no obvious reason. There was bound to be a pay-off somewhere along the way :rofl:

Yeah my bad, I fell into the trap :see_no_evil: :rofl:

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Well god forbid I started a new thread and angered you

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