Faulty New Replacement Card

Hi, I’ve just received a new replacement Monzo card and I’m having problems with Contactless payments.
Sometimes contactless works and sometimes it doesn’t. I didn’t have this problem with my old card.
I’ve done a transaction with the chip and pin but the contactless is still inconsistent.
The Help pages suggest I replace my card which will cost me £5. I don’t see why I should have to pay £5 to replace the brand new faulty card you have sent me.

Ask in app chat about it

This is an online community for Monzo users. Not customer support. Your post won’t necessarily be seen by Monzo staff.


I nearly sent a similar reply, but decided not to :joy:

Straight from the help page

If your card is faulty or damaged when it arrives, we’ll cover the cost of the replacement. Please get in touch to speak with our team about this.

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