Contactless not working on Monzo Plus Card


I am wondering if anyone with a Monzo Plus card has had issues with contactless?

I had my original card replaced as contactless would not work and now after some time, the contactless has stopped working again. I am going to request another but just checking to see if anyone has had issues with it? Maybe the quality of the card?

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I think you’ll struggle to find anyone (myself included) who still pays for Plus.

Replacement card certainly seems like the way to go :+1:


I have my Monzo Plus card still from when I first got it, and still use it without problem. I do a lot of payments through Apple Pay though.

Hopefully it’s a one-off, and should be better on future cards.

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i still have my monzo plus card from the get go and it still works fine in atm and chip and pin and contactless up to yesterday when i last used it with no issues

Hey :wave:t3:

I had the same thing happen to be apart from my google pay stoped working first, then the contactless.
Ordered a new card and no issues since.

Yep, it is like I was waving a piece of plastic, chip and pin works fine