Add Category text under every transaction (like for "expenses"), or just show Category within payment Instant Notification

It would be really useful if the Category text was shown under every transaction, like it currently does for all expenses transactions.

This would mean we wouldn’t have to go in to each transaction to verify it is in the correct category.

Is that possible?

Personally, I think that could make the feed a little too busy.

Having “Expenses” or “Holiday” under transactions makes sense if they are changed to toggles instead of categorises:

I don’t mind how the Category is displayed, but having to go into each and every transaction to verify the correct category was chosen, could be avoided.

Perhaps a small icon somewhere, or a toggle to turn Category off/on under transaction value?

As it stands, surely everyone is going into every transaction right now to check category?

:eyes: Erm. No?

I guess if you’re using the category as part of the budgeting then this is important, but even then I’ve rarely found Monzo to get the category wrong, apart from when supermarket fuels were a problem. Since then it’s been fine.

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The only time I check the category is once or twice a month when I go into my monthly summary and one of the categories looks a little higher than it should be. I go in and check the transactions there and change any categories needed. No way would I go into every item in the feed to check.

even if you only check once a month, you’d still have to go into every transaction right?

How about adding the chosen category in the Notification you get immediately after payment?

No, you go into the category on the Summary page and it lists all the transactions for you. You’d only open one if you wanted to change it.


Oh right, I get you.
Ok cool, a monthly review could be ok, but the idea to check category is correct in the Instant Notification would be awesome. That way, it wouldn’t affect the look of the app whatsoever; everybody wins! :slight_smile:

The other thing is if a transaction is in wrong category, the budgets would be affected.

I think this could look a bit too cluttered in the feed.

I can’t say I personally check the category of every transaction as Monzo tends to be correct. 🤷

I can understand it may be an issue if you’re tracking the budgets of specific categories, but the ideas outlined above (going into the category and checking that way) may be a good alternative.

What do you think of adding the chosen Category only to the Instant Notification we receive on our phones?

That option is completely non-invasive to how the app works right now, so that could be a winner right?


Sounds like you’re on to something! :blush: