Toggle for Expenses and Holiday categories

The designs from the “We’ve added some new categories” blog post would be a great addition.


  • This would allow you to budget more effectively when on Holiday and has the potential to greatly improve Travel Reports (only transactions marked with the Holiday toggle would be included in reports).

  • It would also be great if the name of toggle categorises appeared below the cost of the transaction in the Home feed (like “expenses” does on iOS).

“Committed Spend” toggle

  • A “Committed Spend” toggle could potentially also be useful as a replacement for the “Bills” category, which would be renamed as the “Household” category.

  • Creating a “Committed Spend” toggle and renaming the “Bills” category as the “Household” category would have the following benefits:

    • Simpler and easier categorisation of stuff like a Netflix subscription, which is both “Bills” and “Entertainment”.

    • Provides the previously requested “Household” category, which still works for things currently categorised as Bills (eg: council tax, water, energy).

    • Removes the need for the “Repeating payment” toggle currently found in all transactions. If the “Committed Spend” toggle is toggled on for a transaction which isn’t a Direct Debit or bank transfer, the app could bring up the “Create Subscription” flow. This reduces clutter on the transaction details screen.

NB: I’ve put this as a comment so it doesn’t distract from the previous post, but it is a related idea.

Hey @hugo

Just wondering if you have any further progress to share on the first post of this thread please?
Hopefully you’re the right person to ask :pray:


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As part of this bigger piece of work we’ll be revisiting categories and how they fit into budgeting so this might finally find a place.

One more for @bruno and @stuartregan to add to the list :wink:


When we have you @hugo whats the latest on custom categories?

Surely along with these changes would be the time to do it so as not to repeat the work?

Yeah, it’s all part of same work but as usual we need to build things in steps and iterate :recycle:


perfect, thanks for sharing!

Hey folks!

I’ve finally persuaded my work to give me £600 cash to cover expenses which I then keep topped up by submitting a claim through concur each month.

Thats after Two months of bounced direct debits - my expenses weren’t paid on time and I didn’t manage my money in anticipation of them Being there. cest la vie.

I’m getting myself ready for a mortgage Application and really need a way to identify work spend and my personal spend. I look like I eat out a lot but I don’t it’s just travelling with work and working from coffee shops in between meetings.

I get paid my salary and expenses into my Monzo account at the moment - I could use my revolut card again to manage all work spend but I’d rather not.

I’m dyslexic and dyspraxic so having everything in one place really helps.

Any suggestion?

could you tag all your work related transactions with #work? That way you can search for that at the end of every month

Keep the expenses money in a pot and transfer out the amount to cover the work expense after every work transaction. Then you can clearly see how much you are using and what you have left

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That’s a good idea. It would be good if I could also #work a days worth of transactions. As I travel a lot.

Otherwise it could be quiet labour intensive on my part. Especially when I’m away for a few days.

Maybe they could incorporate some sort of a work feature which you could switch on and off as you go through the month. All the transactions/ receipts collected during work mode could then collated on expense day.

yeah, be good to batch tag

You could also assign all transactions to the expenses category. Yet again tho that’s a manual process and if you get a coffee during personal time and one during work time it wouldnt know the difference

work toggle would be good. Possibly been suggested before, i’ll have a search

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I found it so i will merge this topic in with the original, so the votes arent split


I tried the expense feature as you said and I noticed for all TfL journeys were showing and I use the bus to get to the gym/pub etc.

Sometimes Wagamama an expense sometimes it’s not lol

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I’ve merged this with another topic on the same idea

If you read the first post i think it would be a great solution for you

Unfortunately its been delayed a bit but :crossed_fingers:

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A little patience is all one needs! I’ll give the pots and # a go. Probably good to be regularly checking things anyway.

Look forward to the toggle!

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I use the tag #exp1119 for November 2019 etc. Then when you put “exp1119” into the search, it gives a total of all transactions with that tag at the bottom of the page so you can easily see the total expenses for each month…

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Oh I didn’t know it totalled it for you as well! Cool. Thanks!