Reorder my Card

Good Morning please can I have some help? I have followed the instructions to order a new card as my first card never arrived. It was due to arrive by 31/10/2020
When I try and press reorder card nothing happens via the App the button appears to be non responsive. I have not transferred any funds yet as I was waiting for my card.
I have many friends who use Monzo so I am sure it’s probably a delivery issue can you please help me get a card so I can activate my account.
Many thanks in anticipation

Morning Janette.

You need to reach out to support through their in-app chat.

Go to help and search for contact us or support and you should find a link to Chat To Us.

They should be online now and able to assist.

All the best.

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Hi Janette, your thread yesterday is here with help in it. Monzo won’t help you directly on the forum so another topic isn’t needed.


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