Reordering a card

Good Afternoon I ordered a card which never arrived. I followed the instructions and went to re order card and when you press the button nothing happens at all.
Please can I have some advice and a new card because a few members of my family use Monzo and it’s working really well for them

Thank you

Hi. Welcome.

You can only re-order after a certain amount of time has passed to allow for Royal Mail etc. Give it a few more days and if the card hasn’t arrived, it will let you order a replacement.

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The card originally did not arrive by the 30th October, shall I wait a few more days?

Many thanks


Hmm, that’s a while!

There are some quirks in that Monzo will see that it’s been sent and after x days, it hasn’t arrived so cancel it and automatically send you another, which is why it might not let you re-order.

If you search “Contact” in the app (If you can get that far, not sure if you can) then you can speak to chat and that’s probably the best way forward.

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Just to be clear, was it the instructions here?

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Yes actually on this Monzo App and it said

If your card hasn’t arrived press reorder

If you’ve followed the steps and it still hasn’t worked for you then jump on a chat and someone will take a look for you.

I had a similar issue with my new card last month and annoyingly two cards then arrived on the same day. :man_shrugging:t3:

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