Reopening Account

(James) #1

I’ve sent several emails about reopening my account on Monzo and had zero response.

Can someone please help and let me know if they’ve stopped people from doing it now?


(Danny) #2

When did you send the first E-Mail?

Monzo have never stopped anyone reopening their account so there will be no issue (unless fraud etc.) but if you just closed it you should be fine.


Which email address did you send it to?

If you’ve closed it you could just apply for a new account?

(Danny) #4

Hmmmm 30 mins later and no sign of op… :eyes: :thinking:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #5

I was advised that reopening is pretty much a breeze. The complication I’d faced was having closed using Full Switch. Nonetheless, twas still simplicity itself - speedy with good comms. :+1:

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

To my knowledge, Monzo doesn’t stop anyone from reopening an account. I’m sure one Monzo COps (@simonb?) will get it sorted for you.


They reopened my account for me with no issues.


Likewise, I had my old prepaid account reactivated from around a year ago and here I am a month later. :slight_smile:

(Jack) #9

Hopefully a Monzo staff member will pick this up for you shortly :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

(James) #10

Still no response after sending email last night.

Would be great if any Op could assist?

(Jonathon) #11

Could you not just open a new account?

(Hugh Wells) #13

Hi @Thegas324 :wave:

Sorry for the trouble getting in touch with us but we’d be more than happy to help get your account up and running again! If you shoot an email to we’ll get that sorted :muscle:

(Danny) #14

But they said they already sent you guys loads though Hugh?


Could you clear up the email address thing, when do you use hello@ and when help@? Website says the help is for existing customers only and the hello is given on Facebook

(Hugh Wells) #16

The OP mentioned that hadn’t received a response - I don’t know which email they used, it might have not been the right one! :see_no_evil:

They both go to the same place :slight_smile:

(James) #17

Hi Hugo,

I will send another email now addressed to you.

Please confirm you have received?

(Hugh Wells) #18

I’ll keep an eye out for it :slight_smile: Is it coming from the same email as your forum email address?

If not, please feel free to DM me the email it is coming from!

(James) #19

I’ve just sent it with your name being in the subject.

Yes the email is coming from the same as my address for the forum.