Help Reopening Account After Closing

Afternoon, I need some help reopening my Monzo account please, I set this up last week, and changed my mind (and requested for my account to be closed), however after reading so many positive things, I would like to reopen the account and give Monzo a go! I am unable to reopen my account via the app, and I have emailed twice with no avail? Could someone please help me.

Hi :wave:

How long ago did you email them?
That is the normal method of reopening an account and they should get back pretty quick.

Hey Rachel, on Tuesday - no response. And yesterday - no response?


I have a feeling it’s maybe just a little busy at the moment. I would wait today and if you don’t hear anything today just check that it did go to the right email and so on.

Keep us updated


Still have had no feedback/response from anyone at Monzo!

It’s the weekend now. So you’ll probably have to wait until next week I would imagine. You could try calling them…

It’s not a thing they could do on the phone I assume as it’s only for emergencies.

I can’t remember exactly since it’s been awhile. Have you tried setting it up again like you did the first time? This may be completely wrong but worth a shot.