Re activate new account

Hi all I want to re open my closed account.

I closed it few months back and want to give Monzo another try.

I have emailed for support but no reply

You won’t get help for that here, I’m afraid.

Emailing them is your best bet for that problem.

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Email is your only option for reopening an account. It is slow because they focus all their resource on in app chat for their customers.

You’ve just got to be patient and I’m sure they’ll get back to you as soon as they can :slight_smile:

Hi could you look out for email to re open my account plz I appreciate it’s a busy period

No Monzo staff are on here that can help with this I’m afraid. Hopefully they get back to you soon :crossed_fingers:

Still no reply been over 30 hours now

I cant really understand people physically closing their account , presumably getting rid of their card which was working, and would continue to work, to then only a couple of months later want to re open it again and get a new card sent out from Monzo…why didnt you just keep your account open and not use it ?

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Hi @BWMIDS :wave:

I’ve sent a message to you directly :blush: If you chat to me there, we can have a look at this for you!

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