Bad customer service

I have been trying to reopen my monzo account since I closed it months ago…I’ve typed in my email,my number,in which the activation code was sent a million times yesterday and this morning! But I only get this message saying something went wrong…and obviously I’ve emailed them on the help… and no one has responded plus I’ve been calling their numbers and apparently they’ve been receiving calls since yesterday! This is really shit customer service ffs

I think you’ve done everything you can do. If you want to re-open a closed an account, you need to email them, and wait for a response. It might speed things up a bit if you include a selfie with your ID.

I agree, that they should have replied earlier, and applaud your persistence!

As mentioned above you can’t reopen your account yourself - Monzo have to do it.

Here are the details of what you need to do:

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