Help Reopening Account

Hey everyone,

I wonder if @BethS or @simonb can help me please?

I really would like to reopen my account but had a very frustrating time trying to do this through emailing help@monzo last week.

There were long waiting times and when someone did reach out they said the account was reopened but it didn’t appear to be as I still couldn’t access it through the app.

Can you help me please?


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Reaching out to them via email is the correct procedure to reopen your account. You could also try calling them too. There isn’t much that can be done by people on the forums.

I understand that it is likely slow and frustrating but this is the same for everyone recently while they hire more operators.

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Hey Shane - unfortunately this is something that does have to be done through the in-app chat.

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Okay thanks. I’ll try emailing again.

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I’ll reach out for your email so I can take a look :blush:


My apologies for advising you wrong. From experience on the forums when people have asked for similar they have been told that they have to “join the queue” and go through email or in app support.

Hope you get it sorted :blush:


You didn’t get it wrong, but there are some instances we can take a quick look and as he’s already gone back and forth a couple of times it’s better to see what’s going on and if we can sort it :muscle:



Could someone please reopen my Monzo account, I applied/and opened my account last week, had changed my mind within 48 hours as I hadn’t made my mind up which bank I intend to change to, and requested for account to be closed, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to give Monzo a go after reading so many good things, no what they have planned for future. I have sent 2 emails (Tuesday & Wednesday) to with no response, I am unable to reopen an account via the app either.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the fight direction please.

Thanks - Carl :+1:t2: