Renew access fault

Issue: The app keeps asking to renew access with NatWest instantly after I’ve allowed it.

Details to reproduce: NatWest access?
OS: iOS 16.4.1
Device: iPhone Pro Max 13
App Version: 5.21.0 #903


I had similar yesterday, I renewed access and it was still showing as needed. A quick close of the Monzo app and re-run fixed it.

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I’ve tried this but no joy! I added access twice yesterday and it’s happened again today

It’s now working fine for me, so far!

Oddly, I’ve just this morning had a Monzo notification that my NatWest access has expired, when I definitely renewed it only 2 days ago.

What is going on?

I’ve now got my current account connected but the credit card has disappeared :rofl:

Looking at the section where you can add new connections, it does say for NatWest credit cards that they are “experiencing issues” so must be that, as I do have a NatWest CC.